Funnel Base Review – Why you Should Buy? (Bonus Included )


Funnel base review is out. We are going to give you an honest opinion about the funnel base. In today’s world where everyone is in a skirmish to prove the reliability of their product, the ones which actually are able to back their claims with social proof are at a huge advantage. It increases your conversion rate drastically and registers your brand in the mind of consumers. 

That’s where the new product funnel base comes into play. This article is an unbiased and honest review of the product about to launch on 25 Feb 2020. Funnel base lets your customers review your product or services in real-time and update these comments on your website on a real-time basis, that increases the brand interaction and stimulates the impulses to visit your website again. 

It is a very unique product with a different approach to help you sell better. There are numerous studies conducted by several big names like Moz, Niel Patel, sales funnel etc that suggests that a product with ample social proof on display performs better than its peers. 

funnel base review after effect

Customer reviews, video reviews, text reviews etc. helps in creating a positive outlook for your brand.  

All you need to know about Funnel Base review software?

Funnel base software is a software that lets you request reviews from your customers via mail, social media accounts etc. When it comes to collecting reviews, funnel base can do it for you, you name it and it will get it done. You just have to embed a line of code in the header section of your web page, and there you go!

When a customer makes a purchase funnel base send an email to your buyer to review the product or service they purchased, the buyer can then either send a text, audio or video review which will be displayed on your website on a real-time basis. As the new reviews come in the old one’s get replaced!

funnel base review mobile screenshots

I personally loved the product due to its customisation capabilities. You can customise the complete look of the review, show the star ratings, text messages, choose the widget size, color, font etc.

Let’s dive in to explore the additional features of funnel base software – 

  1. It lets you create custom pop-ups to collect important information from your visitors like name, phone number, email address etc
  3. You can provide your visitors with all the current sales going on, provide coupon code
  4. To increase the trust you can add a small pop up to show how many visitors are actually viewing the product on a real-time basis  
  5. Also, you can show your visitors, time of last purchased, how many users purchased the same product
  6. You can show your users how many visitors are viewing the same product and number of products left etc.  
  7. Using a pop-up creator you can create an impulse to review your products. 

Funnel base has some really cool features that sure will increase your sales and brand engagement. 

How to use it after understanding the funnel base review?

Like any other good product, Funnel base is very easy to use and integrate software. 

  1. Sign up with FunnelBase Software
  2. Log in to your dashboard
  3. In your dashboard create a new review funnel, steps are self-explanatory
  4. Once a new funnel is created Create a campaign there are over 14 campaigns that you can create some of them are – Live Counter (show the number of real-time conversions), Customers reviews, Conversion Counter, Latest Conversions, Emoji Feedback, Leads Capture Campaign and so many more
  1. After creating a new campaign, you just need to customise the software for your taste and need, like where to display the reviews, what info you need to give to your users etc.
  2. After configuration, you just to install it by adding a snippet of code on the header of your webpage where you want to display the reviews

How you can earn money using Funnel Base?

Hope you guys have understood how to use it after going through our funnel base review. Social proof helps generate a stimulus among your visitors and help in creating trust in your services. When your visitor sees positive responses or experiences from your existing buyers it tends to have a positive effect on new users. That will increase your conversion rate hence your sales.  You can also read about how to scale your business through free emails by using free SMTP servers & esp marketing. In case you are wondering what is SMTP and how does smtp work? you can check out our blog.

When your CTR is high you spend less on your peers on paid advertising as well, hence more bonus for you!

Increased sales and a reduction in marketing cost at the same time! That’s hitting the ball out of the park !!

Price of FunnelBase?

Funnel base will launch on 25th Feb 2020 at a very discounted price of $27 and price will keep on increasing every day for the deluxe package. 

Pricing On the Day of Launch – 25th Feb 

The Product is launched at 9 A.M. Price – $27.00 

1st Price increase for the day at 8 P.M Price – $27.17

2nd Price increase at the end of the day at 11.59 P.M Price – $27.23

Pricing on Day 2 – 26th Feb

Starts at $27.23

1st Price increase for the day at 8 P.M Price – $27.27

2nd Price increase for the day at 11.59 P.M Price – $27.47

Pricing on Day 3 – 27th Feb

Starts at $27.47

1st Price increase for the day at 8 P.M Price – $27.57

2nd Price increase for the day at 11.59 P.M Price – $27.67

Pricing on Day 4 – 27th Feb

Starts at $27.67

1st Price increase for the day at 8 P.M Price – $27.87

2nd Price increase for the day at 11.59 P.M Price – $27.97

Pricing on Day 5 (Price Lock Up Day) – 28th Feb

Starts at $27.97

1st Price increase for the day at 8 P.M Price – $27.97

2nd Price increase for the day at 11.59 P.M Price – $28.97

Pricing on Day 6 (Final day of discounts) – 1st March

Starts at $28.97

1st Price increase for the day at 8 P.M Price – $29.47

End of the launch at 11:59 Price – $67 (Use coupon SAVE20 to avail 20% discount) Final Price $47

IMPORTANT NOTE: After one week the coupon will expire and the price will be $67.00

What Platforms Does It Work On?

Funnel base can be integrated with all the major websites and eCommerce platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Woo, Weebly, Zapier, Squarespace, Wix, Drupal etc.

Funnel Base Review Conclusion!

The Funnel Base sure is a very innovative and easy to use software to generate social proof and increasing the reliability of your product. It will definitely increase customer interaction and registering the brand name on the minds of your consumers. 

Stay tuned in for getting all the latest news about the new product launches. 

Cheers !!

Funnel Base FAQ

What does Funnel Base do?

Funnel base allows you to send or forward automated product review requests via email, on-site or social media – later present them as star ratings, product reviews and more in a beautiful, instantly live, animated and completely customizable widget. 

Consumers can give a text testimonial or star rating review, or indeed click a button to seamlessly capture, record and display video reviews.

How to get the funnel base demo?

We already have given you a complete funnel base review and how you can use funnel base to improve your business trust. Click on the link to read the complete usability and features.

Is Funnel Base cloud-based

Yes, it is 100% Cloud Based, No Hosting Needed.

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