11 digital marketing tools you should be using

11 digital marketing tools you should be using

Starting a business is not an easy task, especially when you are dealing with the competition and economic changes that we are undergoing today. It is not surprising that worldwide only 25% of new companies survive the first two years. Going digital has been a big question for many such new companies and they were always confused. Digital marketing tools were never their part of a growth hack.

This means that 75% of the companies that are starting in 2019 will be closing their doors in 2021.

And it’s not just startups that are suffering, this year Sears announced its bankruptcy because it failed to successfully migrate to the Internet world. And if that happens to one of the most iconic chains in the world, imagine what happens to companies that start without knowing anything about the digital world.

That is why before you start thinking about the possible failure of your business or brand, we invite you to start investing in digital marketing campaigns that help you position yourself in the heart of the public and the Internet. And if that happens to one of the most iconic chains in the world, imagine what happens to companies that start without knowing anything about the digital world.

Yes, we know that for some, the Internet is not the answer to everything, but the reality is that it has become an integral part of our lives, and not just to post photos of puppies on Instagram.

It is estimated that in 2019 World could exceed 20 billion dollars of Internet sales, making it position itself as the leader in electronic commerce along with Brazil and also, it would be part of one of the 15 countries with the highest growth in the field.

That is why if you had not thought of a digital marketing or inbound marketing strategy, this is the ideal time to do it , before your market is saturated and your URLs are occupied by someone else.

There are many tools and strategies that can help you depending on your needs, but the following are more than basic tools that are a necessity that you should start considering if you want to be relevant in 2019.

11 digital marketing tools you should be using
Having a digital marketing strategy can be the difference between surviving or not the first two years of your business.

11 digital marketing tools you should be using

Let us look into these precious digital marketing tools and how they can help you in growing your business online.


Probably the most popular, HubSpot is one of the most complete and useful tools for inbound marketing.

This thanks to the fact that it is almost a whole in one: marketing, sales and the ability to be a CRM, have made it the favorite tool of anyone who comes to implement inbound marketing or attraction marketing strategies.

The advantage of HubSpot is that it allows you to optimize all your processes at the same time since you can manage your landing pages, email, SEO, your social networks, leads, blog posts, etc. [ Learn how to start a blog in 2020 ]

The problem? Unfortunately it is well above the budget of some companies. And if you think about it, being able to do everything you need it to do for you and your HubSpot brand is a worthwhile investment.

Is it necessary to have HubSpot to do digital marketing or inbound marketing? No, on the contrary. It is a tool that makes your life easier because you no longer have to depend on others but as we always mentioned, make your marketing strategy according to your objectives. Perhaps your company is still small enough to carry a giant tool like HubSpot or perhaps it is better for you to do it through an intermediary such as an agency. Whatever your case, this does not mean that you cannot prepare and prevent its use in the future.

11 digital marketing tools you should be using
HubSpot is the favorite tool for marketers and agencies. It allows you to carry out all your digital marketing strategies from one place.


CRM’s are serious things and SharpSpring is one of our favorite platforms, in fact, it is the one we currently use at topglobals.

There are many factors to consider before choosing the best CRM on the market , but for us SharpSpring meets all needs and more.

This tool is an excellent alternative to HubSpot since it is more accessible especially if you are starting your business. You can use it as CRM, for automation tasks, publish on your social networks, do email marketing, etc. since it allows you to see the life of your lead and do things a little more complex like creating landing pages in the easiest way possible.

It is a fairly complete tool that can give you the push to make your inbound or digital marketing strategy work 100 percent. You can also get certified in it.

It also has incredible support that answers you instantly so you know that they are waiting for you and the platform for any questions that may arise about it.

One of our favorite elements in SharpSpring is that it allows you to create automation to filter your leads according to their buyer persona profiles.


Social networks are a very important factor that you can not leave aside in your strategy. For starters, it is very likely that this is the channel where a large part of your users find you. In addition, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are essential for your digital marketing strategies to succeed and achieve their goals. Yes, I know that you know that networking is not the same as doing inbound marketing, but it is a very important part that needs planning both to create content and to publish it.

The solution? Hootsuite.

This platform allows you to schedule and publishes your content on your social networks, which makes the automation process easier since you can not only save time but also delegate this type of task.

You can also manage your networks from Hootsuite on more than 30 different platforms, allowing you to have greater control over your content and your digital marketing strategy in one place.

11 digital marketing tools you should be using
Hootsuite is one of the indispensable tools to take your social networks and have them in one place.


We always say that email marketing is back, but the truth is that it never completely went away. The truth is that email marketing has been modernized and has become an indispensable tool in inbound and attraction marketing strategies, especially thanks to the use of platforms such as HubSpot that allow the automation of this type of strategy.

However, MailChimp is the quintessential email marketing tool.

One of the things we like most about MailChimp is that it offers you a free space if you have less than 2,000 subscribers and don’t send more than 12,000 emails per month, so it sounds ideal if you’re just starting out.

You can also customize the questions you want to get from the user when subscribing, for example, country, age, or something more specific depending on what interests you such as (in the case of Mia astral, sun sign and ascendant).

11 digital marketing tools you should be using
One of the advantages of MailChimp is that you can have a free account if you have less than two thousand subscribers, which is ideal if you are starting your email marketing strategy in your new business.

Google Analytics

For the Topglobals marketing team, Google Analytics is one of those tools that people often overlook without knowing all the opportunities they are missing. To start, what makes Google Analytics relevant is that it allows you to monitor the interaction that visitors or users have with your site: where they come from, what content they are consuming and when they are doing it.

Maybe for some, this is very basic and they think it is irrelevant but the reality is that this information is super valuable and can help you optimize and improve your marketing strategy.

You can know what is attracting users; if it is a specific social network or a publication. If they find your site directly in the search engine or if they do it through another website such as a blog where they mentioned you or a paid advertisement.

It is also super easy to install and you don’t lose anything by doing it, give it a chance.

11 digital marketing tools you should be using
Google Analytics allows you to see where the users that enter your page come from, which will be super useful for creating new strategies or knowing which channel to invest more in.


Another of the best known, Trello is an ideal tool for collaborative work.

No matter what your turn is, the organization is key to achieving any goal and Trello is one of those digital tools that can help you take greater control over tasks, who you assigned them to and the due date.

Forget about sending emails and messing with who said what. Trello allows your entire team to know what, when and how the project is being carried out, which will save you many meetings and, above all, misunderstandings.

You can also use this tool to take better control of your strategy: the contents, when they are published, the ideas of your team, the projects you would like to cover or finish, etc.

We are aware that Trello is not the only one of its kind, but it is one of the most popular and simple that can make your entire team be on the same page as you.

11 digital marketing tools you should be using
You can use Trello up to keep track of your activities and personal earrings.


This tool is specific to Twitter, so if you have a large number of followers or are thinking of having an important strategy, now is the time to start looking at Followerwonk.

To start, one of the reasons why you should use it is because it can help you increase traffic to your site from this platform by reaching the profiles that may be more interested in consuming your content or have a greater affinity with the target you are looking for. since it allows you to do a search through biographies.

The platform also allows you to analyze the behavior of your followers on twitter: what time they tweet, about what, how often, etc.

This is super useful if you are thinking of having a direct strategy and especially for twitter and you want to know which way to go. Remember that there is nothing more valuable today than the information and data that you can obtain from your users and their behavior, since thanks to this you can create specific successful campaigns for a certain audience.

11 digital marketing tools you should be using
Thanks to Followerwonk you can learn more about your users on twitter.


Do you remember the KISS principle? By its English name, Keep It Simple Stupid is a famous concept whose objective is to remember that less is more. And with KISSmetrics you can see what is working and what is not for your business.

KISSmetrics allows you to know which strategies give you the highest Return on Investment (ROI) , thanks to the fact that it tracks every move you make in your company.

It is able to show you where the leaks are in your strategies, what does not work and where you should invest more. For this reason, it is not a very cheap tool, but it is an investment that you should consider as you grow over time.

11 digital marketing tools you should be using
KISSmetrics lets you know which actions and campaigns are working in your strategy and which are not.


When you are starting a business, one of the things that can make a difference is knowing the market and preparing for what is coming, and BuzzSumo is the ideal tool.

No matter how much experience you have, you do not get to know your market completely and more when new technologies and competitors are born, BuzzSumo is the ideal answer to better understand the industry in which you are developing.

For example, this platform allows you to know what are the trends or the type of content that your industry is looking for. Imagine that you are developing your inbound strategy and dedicate yourself to being a skincare brand. At first glance, we can see that this year Korean brands and their routines have become popular, but this does not mean that they are the only trend that your target is looking for.

With BuzzSumo you can know what content to create to be successful on the Internet, the type of keyword that is being positioned and the number of times it has been shared on networks such as Facebook and Pinterest.

11 digital marketing tools you should be using
Learn more about your market or industry using Buzzsumo. Find the content that attracts your audience and create successful campaigns thanks to the data that this tool offers you.

All In One SEO Pack

If your blog is hosted on this platform, then you need All In One SEO Pack.

This Plugin will allow you to improve your presence in search engines like Google and Bing. It is compatible with other plugins and you only need to install it, which is really easy.

And this is one of the greatest advantages of All In One SEO Pack, which is super useful and is not complicated at all when using it. For example, it can automatically generate META tags without you having to know much about it.

It is ideal when you want to start your content marketing strategy since it will give you the visibility you need before search engines and users.

11 digital marketing tools you should be using
All In One SEO Pack is the ideal tool if your site is hosted on WordPress since it helps you to optimize your posts and your site without the need to know much about programming.

Crazy Egg

And since we are talking about SEO, one of the aspects in which you should always be aware of is in the optimization of your website. And we are not just talking about implementing SEO strategies or updating them. In fact in doing SEO audit of your website? Especially in matters of access and design. Remember that the king of content marketing, in the end, is the user and having a site that is not created with them in mind is counterproductive and harmful to your company or brand.

With Crazy Egg, you can check what is and what is not working with your site.

In fact, the tool can help you discover and understand what your visitors and users prefer and what they don’t.

Final Thought

Owning digital marketing tools is very important if you are into this business. These tools simplify your marketing process and make you a High ROI giver. Invest in them and they will help you get investment for your life.

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