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The context that has come to live worldwide has forced all companies to refocus their actions and rethink everything they had planned to do during this year or what they had stipulated in their Marketing plan. This also implies that in this context we have to look at and value the importance of digital transformation, […]

A tool to help you with your content marketing strategy and bring insights about your competition: learn how to use SEMrush right now. If you were interested in this reading, you probably already understand the basics of Content Marketing. I think you also have SEO knowledge and you know how this is a rough world […]

You have a business and you know how important the internet is to increase sales and survive in today’s world. You must have heard hundreds of tips out there or even formed your own opinion of how best to follow any digital marketing strategy for your company. The problem is that you are often following […]

The sales of a company tend to suffer in situations of economic recession or crisis. With the decrease in purchasing power and the change in priorities of our target audience, the possibilities of consumption also decrease. To avoid such an aggressive impact on revenue, many companies have had to reinvent themselves. Resorting to innovation and […]

Covid-19 has unleashed a worldwide crisis of unmatched scales affecting the healthcare system and dramatically impacting the economic, social, and political spheres in more than 100 countries. With shops closed to the brim, and many businesses have seen an opportunity in the digital sector and not only do we refer to all online learning or […]

Pointing at it seems almost like insisting on a commonplace: the coronavirus crisis has profoundly affected the economy, consumption, and the strategy of brands and companies. Companies have had to reinvent how they do marketing and advertising and what keys they press to reach consumers, but above all, they had to readjust their budgets and […]

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, video calling services has been growing rapidly. Whereas among various Video calling service providers, Zoom has seen transient clients increase, Microsoft and Google’s alternative products are not a long way behind either. Facebook even takes a chest to lead this opposition. His last wager to accomplish this has been Messenger […]

1. It will bring more speed to our mobiles. The jump is really big. This is not a minor change. Speeds of 1 Gbps and theoretical peaks of 10 Gbps are considered. “It is a high number, but when there are many connected users, it will be necessary to compete for these resources. But the […]

While Microsoft Teams arrived at a huge record in clients, Google and Facebook reported that they will defer the return to face to face and personal work until 2021.  Microsoft Teams attains a 75 million user base The collaboration platform Microsoft Teams uncovered that it as of now has in excess of 75 million day […]

Telecom War continues as Reliance Jio adds up more users than its Rivals Adding more than 6.56 million users in January, Reliance Jio disrupted the Telecom War and led its rivals such as Vodafone who is losing its customers. Mukesh Ambani owned Telecom Company Reliance Jio Infocomm is continuing to beat its Rival Vodafone by […]