The truth about all-new upcoming 5G Technology

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5g technology

1. It will bring more speed to our mobiles.

The jump is really big. This is not a minor change. Speeds of 1 Gbps and theoretical peaks of 10 Gbps are considered. “It is a high number, but when there are many connected users, it will be necessary to compete for these resources. But the user experience is expected to be close to 400 or 600 Mbps. This is more than what we have in fiber optics at home.” The question is if we users need this extra speed. In South Korea, where there are already a million and a half subscribers to 5G networks, they use it to download videos in 4K resolution and for video games. 

2. It will promote virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

Virtual reality has already rolled, but it is riddled with obstacles. You have to definitely get rid of the cables connecting the glasses to the computer and you need to reach 4K to prevent pixels from popping up from time to time. Even current Wi-Fi doesn’t meet these standards. At the moment that virtual reality offers 4K glasses, it will require 300 Mbps of speed. And if virtual reality needs speed, augmented reality, which superimposes objects on the user’s field of vision, should lower latency. “You move your head and you need the object that is superimposed to move with you. About 12 milliseconds of response are required there. And this is solved by 5G.

3. The big changes will be for companies. 

4G represented a qualitative leap in mobile services for all consumers. But 5G has a different nuance. “It is the fifth generation of personal mobile communications, but it is, above all, the first generation also oriented towards communications and sectoral uses. “Among the pilots that are developed, there are use cases in the field of health, agri-food, manufacturing, tourism, or automobile.”

4.  It will allow specialized remote work.

The smartphones and cloud and let take the home office or the beach. 5G will go one step further. It will be a door for new services and even new business models. “If we combine 5G with augmented reality, complex technical repair services can be performed remotely. Another example would be surgery 4.0, in which robotization, analytics, and 5G augmented reality are combined to perform operations also remotely.

5. You will develop authentic Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things already exists, but the boost that 5G will give is equivalent to opening a new phase. Today a wifi point is needed to connect sensors and other devices. “There will be a new dimension, that of things connected but moving, which we will call the mobile IoT. This is not allowed by 4G because it has many limitations in terms of the number of SIM cards it can support with a base station, confirms the different aspects that the IoT will take 5G is going to allow all products to be connected and, therefore, become smart. It is the missing piece. For example, a car will talk to another car and traffic lights.

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